Red Marble Kitchen, a Sizzling Addition at Carmine’s Rosemont

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with our beloved guests at Carmine’s Rosemont! As summer sweeps across the city, we have opened our much-anticipated outdoor kitchen, complete with a unique twist: we’re adding a second menu.

Starting July 14, 2023, get ready to indulge in the finest steakhouse options as we proudly introduce our new menu, aptly named “Red Marble.” The Red Marble menu will be offered to guests in addition to our classic, Italian menu. In this blog post, we’ll take you on a culinary journey, shedding light on the art of hearth cooking and how it enhances the flavors of our succulent steaks and chops.

Embracing the Hearth Cooking Experience

At Carmine’s Rosemont, we are firm believers in the power of tradition and innovation. Our outdoor kitchen represents the perfect fusion of these two values. Hearth cooking, an ancient culinary technique dating back centuries, is at the heart of our newest venture. A hearth-style cooking setup combines the natural elements of fire, wood, and stone to create a truly remarkable cooking experience.

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You may wonder what makes hearth cooking so exceptional, particularly when it comes to steaks and chops. The answer lies in the harmonious blend of intense heat, smoky flavors, and even cooking temperatures that this method offers.

Hearth cooking employs a combination of open flames and hot coals, generating high temperatures that sear the exterior of the meat quickly. This rapid searing locks in the natural juices, resulting in a tender and succulent interior. Moreover, the radiant heat from the hearth surrounds the meat evenly, allowing for a consistent cook throughout that imparts a distinct smoky flavor to the steaks and chops, elevating their taste to new heights. As the flames dance around the meat, the aromatic wood infuses it with a rich, savory essence that tantalizes the taste buds. Thanks to the quick sear and even heat distribution, hearth cooking preserves the natural juices within the meat, resulting in moist and juicy steaks and chops. Each bite bursts with succulence and tenderness, delivering an unforgettable dining experience.

We invite you to enjoy our Red Marble creations at Carmine’s Rosemont, where two distinctive menus await your discerning palate. Delight in our classic Italian favorites, meticulously crafted with passion and tradition, or savor the irresistible allure of our Red Marble steakhouse options, prepared with finesse and the artistry of hearth cooking. Visit us today, and let Red Marble and hearth cooking leave an indelible mark on your culinary journey.