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Sally Field Avatar

Cannot say enough about several was awesome and great portions, wine and service OUTSTANDING! So great an afternoon...and then my husband left his backpack on his chair and realized it on the way to Midway. I called and before I could even finish my sentence the young lady said "do NOT worry I have it right here and if you call me when you are parked near I will walk it over to you!" NOW THAT IS SERVICE! All around great place and experience!!!

Sally Field 7/28/2021
Nikolina Avatar

The best Italian food hands down. My husband had the skirt steak and that was also cooked to perfection. Fresh bread and big enough portions. Make sure you try the stuffed mushrooms,they are to die for.
They dont have kids menu but any side dish would do the trick. Our server Joseph was very welcoming and sweet. Great soul and true professional when it comes to customer service.
Will be back for sure

Nikolina 7/27/2021
Jessica S. Avatar

4 star rating Just went for drinks and appetizers. We sat outside and it was a decent breeze even though it was very hot. It took a good 15-20 mins for the server to actually greet us. The drinks were good and strong, but the fried calamari was somewhat bland. The calamari was a good size, but it just needed a little seasoning. Overall I would come back for dinner.

Jessica S. 7/27/2021
Mary Jean Moen Avatar

Birthday Celebration. Cake was a little on the dry side. Lunch Food very good. Large portions we all had a Take Home Bag 🛍️

Mary Jean Moen 7/26/2021
Mike C. Avatar

4 star rating I thought I was doing pretty well. Mid-40s. Beautiful family. A good job. I was proud of the life we'd established. But Rosebud's fine Italian restaurant showed me that I'd had it wrong all along.
We'd been to Rosebud's several times since they'd opened their latest Chicagoland location in Lemont, not far from our home, and I'd come to appreciate the convenience of the car valet service -- though open spots in the parking lot were usually just a few steps away. Something about having a valet for my car made an evening out feel just that much more special. Moreover, the valet service provided yet another "teaching moment" for my son, as I'd demonstrate the proper way of giving the valet a folded dollar bill when dropping off the car, executing the carefully timed tango, an exchange of money for the valet's receipt. "Take good care of her," I'd say, while firmly shaking the valet's hand. "See, that? That's what a man does," I'd tell my son as we'd head into the restaurant, also taking the opportunity to demonstrate how to carefully place the valet receipt into one's shirt pocket for safe keeping. "Don't want to lose that," I'd tell him.
And so it was on this particularly special evening when we were celebrating my wife's birthday. The routine of leaving the car with the valet and heading into the restaurant went off without a hitch. We enjoyed cocktails followed by dinner. As if on cue, the restaurant manager stopped by about 10 minutes into the meal. "How are things, folks?" "Excellent as usual," I said, speaking on behalf of my family. "It's my wife's birthday." "Good, good. Happy birthday. And wonderful to see you all back again," he said, before moving on. "See son, that's how pleasantries are exchanged," I told my son.
Having enjoyed a nice dinner, it was time to head home. And so, we gathered our things and, always one to be prepared, I retrieved the valet receipt from my shirt pocket and placed it in my left hand along with another folded dollar bill. "See son, this is how a man prepares to retrieve his car." We made our way to the valet podium, where I proudly announced, "The silver Honda SUV, please," handing him the receipt together with the folded dollar bill.
As he turned to walk off, a second valet directed him, "It's probably in back." A little odd, I thought. They hadn't been busy when we arrived and there were many open parking spots near the front of the restaurant. At any rate, I was looking forward to seeing the silver Honda come around the corner. Only a couple of years old, I still enjoyed admiring its sleek lines, especially when in motion.
As we waited, a Porsche Macan pulled up. "What's that?" my wife inquired. "It's a Porsche -- the cheap one." I said. "Overpriced and not really much to look at," I tried to convince her. And so I was surprised when one of the valets told the other to, "Put it up front." "Up front?," I thought. And then it hit me. As I looked around the parking lot, it was clear that the valets had engaged in car discrimination and my Honda was a vitctim. The front of the parking lot was replete with Porsches, BMWs, Mercedes, and, inextricably, a Linoln, with other car brands relegated to the lot in back of the restaurant.
Several minutes passed as we waited, with a number of cars coming and going. A couple "up front" and many driven around back, without a word. "Where's our car, dad?" my son asked. "It will be here soon," I tried to assure him, glancing perhaps a bit defensively at my wife, who had never liked Hondas in the first place.
Finally, the silver SUV rounded the corner, "Ah, there she is. Here, you give it to the valet," I told my son, handing him another folded dollar bill. It was his turn to be a man now. But as my son went to hand it to the valet, I overheard, "No, you keep it. Your dad seems to need it more than I do." I pretended not to hear.
As we pulled out of the parking lot, I saw my wife look longingly at the Porsche SUV and the line of luxury cars parked nearby. "Someday," my son told my wife, popping his head from the backseat. "I'm gonna buy you a nice car like that, mom, because that's what a man does."

Mike C. 7/25/2021
Deb Brown Avatar

Excellent service!!! Food was wonderful! Be warned- the dinner pasta serving was huge, even for the guys. Ordinarily this is awesome for leftovers but we had no way to keep it cool for 3 hours. Can't wait to go there again!

Deb Brown 7/24/2021
M B Avatar

Wow! As someone who is a harsh critic on sauce and eggplant parm coming from an Italian family and living in the NY/NJ tristate area, this was truly the best sauce and eggplant parm I have ever had. Service was great as well. Plus, the option to pay with your phone by scanning the receipt is very convenient.You can't miss this place if you're in Chicago.

M B 7/23/2021
michael towne Avatar

The staff were great!!! This was some of the best Italian food I ever had in my life and the price wasn't bad at all great food!!! Highly recommended

michael towne 7/20/2021
Dan Weirauch Avatar

My wife and I wanted to visit here on a birthday weekend trip to Chicago. What an beautiful place, with the BEST food! We have been to so many steakhouses around the U.S., and this was my favorite by far. The waitstaff is like family. Not only do they know everything about their steaks, they are also like family. I ordered the 16 oz New York Strip, and the cauliflower au gratin. The steak was perfect, in every way! Seared to perfection on the exterior, and cooked to most tender medium. We will absolutely be back.

Dan Weirauch 7/19/2021
V. Pedroza Avatar

I'm not too much of a dessert person but this chocolate cake 😋😋😋 great for sharing! We were in the area and wanted to try something new and yes, I highly recommend it! They have delicious traditional Italian dishes, a nice wine list, and more 😊

V. Pedroza 7/19/2021
Brittany M. Avatar

5 star rating I have been to the other carmines location and have had different experiences but this one has been the best. Our waiter was amazing!!! He was very attentive and very knowledgeable about the menu.. I have to admit I give him 10 plus stars!

I got the chicken Vesuvio and man that was soooo dam good! Would 100% come back!

Brittany M. 7/19/2021
Merrick Heard Avatar

Great Food and Great Service

Merrick Heard 7/19/2021
Stephen Coll Avatar

Tonight was good but feel short with the rushed service. I should have chose to dine inside instead. I will definitely be returning as I always do when in Chicago.

Stephen Coll 7/19/2021
B Strong Avatar

Do this: take home left-overs in order to save room for dessert. FYI this restaurant is not bashful about pricing. As you can see, portions are generous and it is nice to have cloth napkins.

B Strong 7/18/2021
Leslie A. Avatar

5 star rating We've been coming here for years since they originally opened at this location because it was so much more convenient to get here than in the city. This review is long overdue however the photos and experience are really a culmination of visits and also specific to Father's Day 2021.

Service here has always been very friendly cordial and respectful and usually quite funny. I do enjoy that relaxed atmosphere and the interaction. The menu has stayed pretty traditional and straightforward throughout the years. Our favorite has always been the brick chicken because there is something magical about the seasonings and the way they roast it.

We have been here during Covid and luckily have made reservations. There's a small outdoor dining section as well for this location. There is ample parking as the parking lot is dedicated to them.

Would continue to definitely come back and visit as it has been consistently good with the food quality.

Leslie A. 7/18/2021
Sherry Fairlamb Avatar

Little slow on getting food, shareable!! Bathrooms, gross.Not a huge menu

Sherry Fairlamb 7/18/2021
Sergio Raddavero Avatar

Muy buen lugar y la garzona que nos atendió muy muy atenta. Buenos precios.

Sergio Raddavero 7/18/2021
Andre W. Avatar

4 star rating For years I have wanted to try Carmine's as I used to/still love the old school marquee in the front as I walked to the no longer existent bars/clubs I used to hang at in my late 20s lol!

Still have not tried dinner, but have been to brunch a couple of times over the past few months. Both times I sat outside due to the nice weather of course. The crab cake benedict is very delicious as well as the denver omelet along with the peewee breakfast potatoes. I like how both platters came with a side of some sort of fruit. I took a different date each time and they both went the route of bananas foster french toast in which they let me get a taste or few lol. Each time I felt it was better than what I got but I still liked my dishes. It comes with vanilla gelato, caramel sauce, whipped cream, maple syrup and powdered sugar...a sweet explosion basically lol. Mimosa game is on point of course!

I like the joint and plan on coming back for lunch and dinner. Better late than never I guess 🙂

Andre W. 7/15/2021
Amy J Lamb Avatar

Amazing!! Service superior! Atmosphere was electric!! We sang and celebrated a birthday.. of someone we didn't even know!! LOVED IT! Fun!!

Amy J Lamb 7/15/2021
Justin L. Avatar

5 star rating This place has the best chicken Parmesan dish I have ever had. Not only is it delicious, it's absolutely huge so there will be plenty to take home. Will definitely be coming back to try other dishes!

Justin L. 7/14/2021
Dale D. Avatar

5 star rating Stopped in on a Friday evening after arriving at O'Hare. Exceptional in all ways, ambiance, customer service, very large portions enough for two for certain. I ordered veal parmesan and a wedge salad. The place was buzzing with guests and management was everywhere ensuring everything was perfect. On a side note, the singer in the bar was also exceptionally good! I'll be back with friends.

Dale D. 7/14/2021
Jeanmarie Collins Avatar

While on a visit to Chicago, went to Rose Bud on a weekday, the food & service was phenomenal!

Jeanmarie Collins 7/14/2021
Summi A. Avatar

4 star rating Based on some of the recent reviews I read, I was nervous about dining at Rosebud on Rush. We have enjoyed fabulous meals here over the last 25+ years (when we lived in Chicago and while visiting since moving away). I'm glad I ignored the reviews and went with my "gut" or my "stomach" perhaps.

We made a reservation a few days in advance. While they only reserve indoor dining, we were easily able to sit outside when we arrived for our reservation. Unlike other restaurants right now that are really struggling with having enough staff and often seat much later than the reservation time, we were seated right away and outside. It was a gorgeous evening, so it was nice to dine al fresco.

The portions are HUGE. Unless you're starving or a very big eater, I would recommend sharing a dish. We skipped the appetizer knowing how enormous the portions are (although a little bummed about not eating calamari - oh well). My husband and I shared the linguine with clams in red sauce. It had one kick to it and was very generous on the clams in the sauce itself (chopped and blended into the tomato-based sauce). It was so much food we barely finished the one entree between the two of us. But I'm so glad we chose this dish. If you're watching your calories/weight/lifestyle, I learned a long time ago that linguine in red clam sauce is a great option if you go light on the pasta. Our son had the ziti with sausage and it was baked with a crusty layer of cheese on top. Excellent flavor as well.

The only thing I didn't love was the bread they brought out. It was a more dense, rustic bread and the sesame seed twists were tasty, but very crunchy.

We'll definitely be back next time we're in town.

Summi A. 7/12/2021
Chris McGurk Avatar

Very good food and atmosphere

Chris McGurk 7/12/2021
Charlotte Moore Avatar

Four of us had dinner at Carmine’s Rosemont last night and we had the most wonderful server Leslie. The place was packed, but Leslie took great care of us like we were her only table. We will always request her as our server when we dine there.
The food was excellent and was delivered to us promptly. But we all agreed that Leslie made it a fun, comfortable 5 star experience!!

Charlotte Moore 7/11/2021
Larry Kruse Avatar

Rosebud serves excellent Italian food and the service is incomparable. Do yourself a favor and make your reservation for a table inside the restaurant. Rosebud on Rush is on the corner and shares the intersection with a large hotel. The area is a tourist magnet and 3 large coach buses were parked and running for the duration of our meal. The noise was over the top and the smell of burning diesel fuel was noxious.Eat will love it.

Larry Kruse 7/11/2021
britney llewellyn Avatar

Very beautiful restaurant. I think the food could be a little tastier.

britney llewellyn 7/11/2021
Jack Avatar

Best pasta

Jack 7/10/2021
Mark McClure Avatar

Wonderful food, Italian family portions, amazing service

Mark McClure 7/10/2021
Duane David Avatar


Duane David 7/08/2021
Shirley Fowler Avatar

Linguine and die for.

Shirley Fowler 7/08/2021
Sue Fowler Avatar

Super nice. Very good food but a bit overpriced. Clara's has better more authentic food for your money.

Sue Fowler 7/07/2021
RD Pace Avatar

Everything we ordered was great as was the service.

RD Pace 7/07/2021
Gregg S Avatar

Did puck up. The food was very good and order was correct. Many hostesses at the desk some of which were more interested in their phones then me. Otherwise very good restaurant and would recommend dining in or take out. Brick chicken is very good and salads are huge and fresh.

Gregg S 7/06/2021
Old Sal Avatar

Did puck up. The food was very good and order was correct. Many hostesses at the desk some of which were more interested in their phones then me. Otherwise very good restaurant and would recommend dining in or take out. Brick chicken is very good and salads are huge and fresh.

Old Sal 7/06/2021

Super friendly service, but be aware of their alcohol prices! 4 shots of lemonchello cost $60! We looked up the lemonchello they were serving and they sell it at Target for $19 a bottle!

DAVE ORTH 7/06/2021
Francis Walters Avatar

Amazing experience, and always the BEST Italian food in Chicago! Service was top-notch, as usual! Can't wait for your other locations to open as well! 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

Francis Walters 7/06/2021
Tulips •w• Avatar

My Rigatoni with vodka sauce was supreme and the changonon wine was excellent. We had a awesome waiter. Everything was exceptional!

Tulips •w• 7/04/2021
Terry F. Avatar

4 star rating We ordered in. The chicken parm was HUGE. Enough for 3 people. Family style portions. Everything is good!

Terry F. 7/02/2021
Nate Aiken Avatar

Service was amazing for a great Father's Day and Birthday dinner. Will definitely be back to enjoy more of the dishes. Had the bone-in filet and while I ordered my steak more done than I normally would have, it was still delicious!

Nate Aiken 7/01/2021
Tom K. Avatar

5 star rating Ambience : 4
Service: 5
Food: fried calamari 5, eggplant salad 5, seafood pasta 5, spaghetti n meatballs 5, veal parm 5, chicken park 5, tiramisu 5
Cleanliness: 5

Tom K. 7/01/2021
George “Homeslice” M. Avatar

We called on a sunday evening and got a reservation at Rosebud on Rush (street) when the wait was two hours after arriving at our first choice.We were seated for five minutes when the host arrived and apologized that our table was planned for another reservation. We were moved to another table five feet away, and the host complimented our cocktails for moving us.We had lasagna, sausage ziti, spaghetti and meatballs and baked cavalli. All of the food was delicious, and the service was great, too. the portions were more than we could eat without stuffing ourselves. We decided to get tiramisu and chocolate cake. They, too, were both delicious and generous.Very good, recommended.

George “Homeslice” M. 6/29/2021
Gerardo Arambula Avatar

Great service delicious food

Gerardo Arambula 6/29/2021
Patty Flynn Avatar

brunch deliciousness.

Patty Flynn 6/29/2021
Carol AnCel Avatar

Food and service all excellent! My only 'complaint'is the noise level in the dinning room. The chairs are very comfy, the decor warm and welcoming, but you can't have a conversation with your companions and hearing the wait staff is also a strain. It does reduce the amount of times we visit especially if we are out to dinner with people we wish to have a relaxing conversation with.

Carol AnCel 6/27/2021
Jason Hastings Avatar

Rosebud is a beautiful dining experience. The food is amazing and the ambiance is very photogenic

Jason Hastings 6/27/2021
Myriah Mengelson-Clark Avatar

Food was excellent, nice options and staff were friendly and on top of things.

Myriah Mengelson-Clark 6/26/2021
Dan Rogers Avatar

As usual, very good food. Was able to get a table for six for Father's Day at the time requested. Our wait person was very attentive - wish I had gotten her name.

Dan Rogers 6/23/2021
NaKesha Walker-Scott Avatar

One word "Amazing" !!!!

NaKesha Walker-Scott 6/23/2021
Luis Adame Avatar

Great place for brunch. Sat us down quickly for a weekend and service was superb. A good variety of options on the menu that kept our party of 5 happy.

Luis Adame 6/23/2021
Raj G. Avatar

5 star rating Great friendly place with vibrant atmosphere. Pleasant wait staff serving fresh flavorful dishes Have gone back many times with friends and family and all had good experiences !!

Raj G. 6/18/2021
Alysia D. Avatar

5 star rating Came here with a group last Friday as Chicago fully opened back up. It was a great choice. Food was amazing and I loved that I had vegetarian options. Eggplant parm was amazing. The atmosphere of this place is fun and inviting.

Alysia D. 6/18/2021
Kim K. Avatar

5 star rating I have been to Carmine's for dinner many times but was so surprised by their brunch menu. Firstly their cocktails are amazing and generously portioned. I got a white sangria which came in a huge wine glass and was delicious. We started out with the fruit platter appetizer which was visually so beautiful but also so refreshing. It came with a side of lemon sorbet which was lovely on a warm summer morning. For our entrees we got the traditional and the crab cake Benedict and they were amazing! It's truly one of the better brunch spots in Chicago, especially with the ability to sit outside in the middle of the Gold Coast. The staff were friendly and welcoming, ambiance was wonderful, and it truly was a delicious brunch that I will keep coming back for!

Kim K. 6/17/2021
Michael Levine Avatar

Food was great! Service, okay. Ambience, noisy (lively). They are moving soon. Worth a try.

Michael Levine 6/15/2021
Daniel G. Avatar

4 star rating Noise level extremely high, don't go expecting to have a conversation with anyone.
Food good, not great, generic Italian for the Chicago area.
Service was exceptional, congratulations to management.

Daniel G. 6/14/2021
Morgan P. Avatar

4 star rating This was the dinner destination of our girls weekend downtown and we were so happy with our experience! We were thrilled to sit outside in such beautiful weather and the people watching was fun too

Our food was fantastic! I enjoyed the Tortellini Carbonara which was so creamy and rich, highly recommend! My friends had the Chicken Parmesan, Chicken Piccata, and the Penne Pasta with garlic and broccolini which were all wonderful. We shared the calamari for an appetizer which was good, but not the most amazing i've ever had. Portion sizes were enormous so if you are coming with a smaller group I would recommend sharing! Aside from our food, the cocktails were great and I thoroughly enjoyed my Aperol Spritz!

The service for the most part was excellent. We got seated right away and our waiter couldn't have been more sweet. Things did take a bit of time coming out and we did wait for our check for a long while. However, being that it was the first weekend Chicago was open 100% capacity, I'm sure the kitchen was absolutely slammed and doing their best to accommodate everyone. Overall, great experience at Carmines and we will be back!

Morgan P. 6/14/2021
Amanda R. Avatar

5 star rating Delicious food, great service! Ordered the penne a la vodka with meat, wine pairing was great as well.

Amanda R. 6/14/2021
Becs S Avatar

Service was excellent, our waiter was very attentive. Food was delicious and atmosphere was nice. Would highly recommend.

Becs S 6/14/2021
Yvonne Artus Avatar

Absolutely loved it ❤

Yvonne Artus 6/14/2021
Micha'la H. Avatar

4 star rating Food was AMAZING! Came here with 4 of my family members and everyone enjoyed their meals and dessert. Make sure you come with a full appetite though, because chef is NOT shy with the portions. Only a 4 because it is a bit of a noisy location and we had a couple issues with dirty dishes, but overall we thoroughly enjoyed our experience. I will be returning!

Micha'la H. 6/13/2021