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adriano caraco Avatar
Great food and service.
adriano caraco 9/19/2023
John Scuras Avatar
Tight space and another Server continually bummed into my guest and I and never excused herself. Quality over speed should be considered or remove certain tables if to tight.
John Scuras 9/19/2023
Joel Cayton Avatar
This place is great. Food, service, atmosphere and location makes for a great spot for dinner. I had the lasagne, which was perfect. Portion was large and tasted great. Had a side dinner Caesar salad, which could have been a dinner salad based off how big it was. Been here numerous times and whenever family is in town we always go here. It is a bit pricey but the service and food are well worth it. Also they have huge donuts for brunch which are so good!! Parking: Parking is difficult due to it being downtown in a busy district. Whatever parking you use expect to pay for it bc there is no free parking downtown.
Joel Cayton 9/17/2023
A G Avatar
Old school restaurant good food good wine nice atmosphere
A G 9/16/2023
Shannon Blosser-Salisbury Avatar
Great service, great atmosphere and amazing, flavorful shrimp risotto! I do think it's pricey and our small group of 4 was annoyed about the surcharge that's just added *because*, and if you gripe about it you're a jerk, but overall, the entire experience was probably worth it. Look at that gorgeous (gluten free) risotto! The lemon is wrapped in tulle, so you can squeeze it without seeds going everywhere. Dietary restrictions: There are a few items for gluten intolerant diners, but not a ton. I was getting ready to order a salad and sausage when our server mentioned the specials, one of which was a shrimp risotto. I asked - hoping- and he assured me that it was gf. Next day and I'm fine, so I was super excited to have something that good AND gluten free!
Shannon Blosser-Salisbury 9/09/2023
Di Pearson Avatar
I attended a huge group dinner and really enjoyed it. The food was fabulous and the portions were almost too big. Everyone I spoke to really enjoyed everything. Vegetarian options: We had a few people requesting vegetarian changes to some dishes. They arrived as ordered, staff was very attentive to any requests we had.
Di Pearson 9/09/2023
Lucinda Wilson Avatar
I ordered a whole coconut cake and it was the best cake I’ve ever had. $50 and the surgical department at my hospital left no crumbs
Lucinda Wilson 9/08/2023
Velvet R Avatar
Today, I treated my husband to lunch for his birthday and we had such a wonderful time. From the moment we walked in, we were greeted with smiles and warmth that set the tone. The food was delicious and very flavorful. The drinks were mixed perfectly. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We will certainly be back!
Velvet R 9/08/2023
Rene Reyes Avatar
My wife and I were really impressed with this place. I ordered the Meat Lasagna, my wife got the Short Rib & Polenta, and then we shared a Tiramisu for dessert. There was also bread with oil for dipping. Everything was delicious, especially the Short Rib & Polenta. The portions were big, too. The waitstaff was fast and friendly. You definitely get your money's worth here.
Rene Reyes 9/04/2023
Matthew Howell Avatar
Absolutely, fantastic dining experience. The homemade pasta in the bolognese was to die for. My wife had a special that killed. Felt like a classic restaurant experience that was zero filler. Be sure to grab a reservation as this place filled up on spots.
Matthew Howell 9/02/2023
Michael Barreto Avatar
Really enjoyed my Fettuccine Alfredo here. The service was excellent and the atmosphere was quite pleasant.
Michael Barreto 9/02/2023
Michael Lawrence Avatar
Very large portions. The food was good. Atmosphere was a little noisy.
Michael Lawrence 8/30/2023
Jeroen den Dunnen Avatar
Great food, very quick service, and kind personnel. Their creme brulee is amazing. The 8 dollars for a Heineken hurt a little, though.
Jeroen den Dunnen 8/26/2023
Marlin C Landry Avatar
All good.
Marlin C Landry 8/23/2023
Hash Tag Avatar
Huge portions! Try the Pork Chops 😎.
Hash Tag 8/16/2023
DUBZ313 Avatar
Our group went there for brunch that they have between 10am-2pm and ate on the outside patio. The whole experience was nice with good friendly waitstaff and the food was great. I got the bananas foster French toast and would highly suggest it, it was very good. The picture I have is after I ate some of it I couldn't resist and it was an afterthought.
DUBZ313 8/15/2023
Anthony Roberts Avatar
An amazing dinner, dessert and experience. Was searching for a casual but great place for a friends birthday dinner in downtown Chicago. Just happened to walk by Rosebud on Rush earlier in the day and checked it out, then made reservations. Everyone enjoyed the ambience, the service, and the food. We could not have picked a better place to enjoy a great meal. Tortelloni Carbonarra Tortellacci Rosebud with Shrimp Zuppa De Pesce Rigatoni a la Vodka with Sausage Chocolate Cake Banana Creme Pie Afrogato
Anthony Roberts 8/14/2023
Kaiti Goff Avatar
This was a perfect Italian restaurant experience one would anticipate in Chicago. Rosebud has a balance of both a classy and comfortable atmosphere. The servers were fun and very attentive. Wish we lived closer so we could come back! Vegetarian options: Not as vegan friendly because of the cheese but perfect for vegetarian options.
Kaiti Goff 8/13/2023
Katharina Janowska Avatar
Great restaurant with very friendly staff
Katharina Janowska 8/12/2023
Scott Hopkins Avatar
One of my favorite places for italian in the city. Great food and service every time we have been. Vegetarian options: can make most anything upon request Kid-friendliness: easy for kids side portions prefect size Wheelchair accessibility: has a great patio street level Dietary restrictions: can make most anything upon request.
Scott Hopkins 8/08/2023
Tom Eng Avatar
The historic Rosebud on Rush restaurant! A landmark of downtown Chicago; stone throw away from the legendary Peninsula Hotel. An Ribeye for 2 at lunch with a big serving of traditional Caesar salad. Perfect way to start your Afternoon in Chicago!!
Tom Eng 8/08/2023
Donna Rider Avatar
Visiting Chicago for the day and I wanted Italian food so my daughters chose rosebud on rush. The staff was very attentive and our sever, Angela, I think, was amazing, very knowledgeable and was able to explain all the dishes in detail. She made suggestions based on our questions and guided us to ordering fantastic meals. The lasagna may be the best I have ever had, and my daughters loved their dishes as well. Even though we were stuffed we ordered desserts and one daughter got creme brulee which was very good and my other daughter and I split the biggest piece of carrot cake I've ever seen.. it was fabulous! I highly recommend and will be going back next time I am in Chicago.
Donna Rider 8/06/2023
Steve Egan Avatar
Get the coconut cake! It's amazing!
Steve Egan 8/06/2023
Jon Philips Avatar
Was looking for a place to have brunch and found them. Delicious!
Jon Philips 8/03/2023
Adam Duncan Avatar
This is an amazing spot for locals and visitors. To me, everything screams old-school Italian, from the menu to the atmosphere - and that's not saying things are out dated; everything is slick and trendy. The service is 5 star, really great! You feel taken care of by every member of the staff! I wish every restaurant had this level of care. The food was amazing, real Italian dishes cooked well and served with class and appeal - it's always nice when a restaurant spends a little extra on plating, something special when the flavours match the appearance!
Adam Duncan 8/01/2023
Carnie Colliver Avatar
Good Italian fare... large portions ... everything was fresh ... we had lamb shank poppers, different tortellini, and caprese salad ...
Carnie Colliver 7/30/2023
Ron Pensari Avatar
Food was amazing! Definitely one of my favorite Italian restaurants in the city! We sat after their brunch time but they still our waiter Misel and chef Lupe let us order off the brunch menu! We had the Italian beef and it was amazing!!
Ron Pensari 7/29/2023
Dorianna Phillips Avatar
When you’re a solo female traveler, eating out can be a bit of a challenge as the portions are usually large which doesn’t afford one much belly space to enjoy an array of delectables on the menu. In my opinion, it’s a huge miss by restaurants as I know many female solo travelers with a foodie pallet who don’t want to be wasteful and who want to enjoy small portions without expanding one’s waistline. Cali, my server, was exceptional. Her fellow bus persons had perfect timing and I wanted for nothing nor had to ask. I was fortunate to secure a table for one facing the bustling street where I started with a chilled sparking Rosé. I selected the Eggplant Stack (a light salad akin to the heavy, but also delicious Eggplant Parmesan, save for the sauce and add arugula). Cali ordered one meatball with red sauce and the perfect Malbec to marry with the meat and sauce. It was the perfect meal for one with all of the delights to bring my trip to close. I finished with a dopio espresso and Bailey’s, the perfect dessert for the non dessert eater. I highly recommend a visit here for all my female solo travelers looking for “our place”. It’s incredible and you’ll walk away satiated, smiling, and still snatched in the waistline.
Dorianna Phillips 7/25/2023
natacha briand Avatar
I love this place where we ate the best italian omelette of my life at brunch and i like the italian sandwich and another time some great pastas!
natacha briand 7/24/2023
TheBigBandWolf Avatar
I wanted a smooth flavorful dinner so I turned to my favorite dishes linguine and clam sauce. Aye Dios, justó lo que necesitaba! As I do, chatting with the bartender over digestivos, he suggested Tuaca and Amaro Nonino. Bartender Alejandro made me a fan off both now to add to my home bar. Excellent service. I have a new dig in River North.
TheBigBandWolf 7/24/2023
paigeedwards65 Avatar
Get the calamari and the homemade square pasta!
paigeedwards65 7/23/2023
James Faulkner Avatar
Absolutely incredible! Food was outstanding. And our server and other wait staff were wonderful. Lamb lollipops, sausage and peppers, branzino, filet minot, and spaghetti with meat balls were all amazing. And the chocolate cake is the best. Highly recommend!
James Faulkner 7/21/2023
Henry Miller Avatar
This is the perfect old school Italian restaurant in the heart of downtown Chicago. The portions are very large and always amazing! Naturally, I had the chicken parmesan which is always a classic favorite!
Henry Miller 7/21/2023
Jason Diederich Avatar
Fantastic food, huge portions, and best of all was the service.
Jason Diederich 7/16/2023
David Johnson Avatar
Great food and great service! Definitely make sure to make a reservation no later than the morning or to secure your spot. It gets quite busy after 7pm.
David Johnson 7/16/2023
swal Guccierrez Avatar
Great lasagna! Will only come here for lasagna because I'm afraid of being disappointed somewhere else.
swal Guccierrez 7/09/2023
Anthony Cruz Avatar
The food was delicious and the service was on point. Very welcoming atmosphere. We will return.
Anthony Cruz 7/09/2023
Altinay Cortes Avatar
Fast and friendly service. Solid food on the simpler side of options. I enjoyed my meatball and spaghetti. My husband felt that his eggs Benedict was a little bland.
Altinay Cortes 7/09/2023
Matt Larion Avatar
Found this place by accident as we were heading to another restaurant and couldn't pass it up when we saw the menu. The service was perfection. The right amount of attentiveness without being overbearing. The portions were very large, and I would say most entrées can be shared between two people. We got a delectable Cesar salad, cheese ravioli, and the Orecchiette Sausage & Broccolini.
Matt Larion 7/08/2023
Gilles Parent Avatar
Excellent. Huge portions, much spare between 2 persons
Gilles Parent 7/06/2023
Tom Knauf Avatar
Great brunch menu and better service. Parking: Challenging.
Tom Knauf 7/06/2023
Jacinthe Portelance Avatar
On était 4 et on a adoré la place! Le service était impeccable. Les plats étaient savoureux (et chauds). Le restaurant était bien propre. Merci!
Jacinthe Portelance 7/05/2023
Alexis Parrillo Avatar
Food was delicious! I got the bolognese and had a ton of leftovers. I’m Italian and very picky about my pasta so if you are to go to Rosebud. Excellent service as well!
Alexis Parrillo 7/05/2023
Mariana Savich Avatar
Have the meatball salad. Have the coconut cake!! Amazing We stay at the Peninsula across the street and eat here whenever we visit.
Mariana Savich 7/04/2023
Nat Bell O knee Avatar
Really great service, thanks Nick. Authentic Italian food in a great setting
Nat Bell O knee 7/01/2023
Andrew Klosowski Avatar
Elsa greeted me and made me feel welcome, like I entered a whole new world. The server/waitress (Elsa) recommended me with wine depending on my meal I choose. She made my experience amazing on this overwhelmingly hot day. 10//10 service and I would recommend this restaurant to anyone that wants a good experience when dining out
Andrew Klosowski 7/01/2023
Daniel Brenta Avatar
No me gusto que casi me obligaran a dejar propina, dejo si quiero y ya estoy pagando tax y si le descuentan a la camarera un porcentaje no es mi problema, lo demas todo rico y buena atencion
Daniel Brenta 6/29/2023
Jordan Avatar
Rigatoni alla vodka. Be still my hungry stomach.
Jordan 6/26/2023
DANA Hansen Avatar
Had the bucatini and it was fabulous! Excellent service!
DANA Hansen 6/25/2023
Vanessa Garofalo Avatar
We visited this restaurant back in 2020 and had to eat outside on their enclosed patio during the winter, so it was nice to experience the inside of the restaurant during this visit to Chicago. The portions have definitely grown since we visited in 2020! My husband ordered the Chicken Parmesan both times and the portion he got last night was about 3 times the size it was last time. My baked cavatelli was also enough to share with another person. Food and service were good overall. Not exceptional, as that is what I reserve a 5 star review for, but good overall. We would definitely visit this restaurant again.
Vanessa Garofalo 6/24/2023
Rico Frias Avatar
Place was a bit tight and extremely loud.
Rico Frias 6/24/2023
Kristin Kolk Avatar
The food and wine were both amazing and our waitress was wonderful!
Kristin Kolk 6/21/2023
Sandra Meyer Avatar
Lamb chops are so good!
Sandra Meyer 6/21/2023
KEILY Avatar
Great for everyone and as well nice outdoor area for you and your pooch 🏼
KEILY 6/19/2023
Nichole Turner Avatar
I had the Short Rib and Polenta. It was so flavorful. The service was excetional...
Nichole Turner 6/16/2023
Chase Nielson Avatar
Food was ok, nothing spectacular
Chase Nielson 6/14/2023
Jorge Marcano Avatar
Jorge Marcano 6/13/2023
Brita Sculley Avatar
Crab Cake eggs Benedict were fantastic!
Brita Sculley 6/11/2023
Noreen Rucinski Avatar
Sooo.. crowded due to large conferences in town. But it was sooooo... good, We were a walk in seated right away and they took great care of us, We were worried when surrounded by large tables of 6 or more. Unflappable, Service above and beyond!! Chef dealt with my food allergies and served one of the best seafood meals ever. We r definitely going back!!! Thank you
Noreen Rucinski 6/07/2023
giku kerdivara Avatar
Best Pasta in Chicago
giku kerdivara 6/02/2023