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Jason Shintani Avatar

We sat out on the enclosed outdoor seating. The service was prompt and thoughtful. The grilled calamari was delicious! The eggplant parmesan and ribbon bolonganese were both good. It was a nice reintroduction into a more normal lifestyle.

Jason Shintani 4/16/2021
Ryan Sullivan Avatar

I was only able to stop by here for a quick bite walking north but I can tell this place is a heavy hitter. Since our time there was limited we split the (appetizer) special of wood fired octopus and it was absolutely delicious. It being a Sunday afternoon we chose Bloody Marys to wash it down and I’d say, although in the pricier side (especially void of any toppings) it was one of the best mixes I’ve had in Chicago (and I’m a regular consumer of them 😉). Can’t wait to stop back for a more formal meal!

Ryan Sullivan 4/15/2021
Kurt Jones Avatar

Good Food !

Kurt Jones 4/15/2021
William M. Avatar

5 star rating I took a customer to lunch. I have been to other Rosebud locations but never Naperville. I found the service to be exceptional. Nicolette, the manager, stopped by our table several times to make sure we were satisfied. She is very personable. Alex our waiter was very attentive. The food was excellent. I would highly recommend this restaurant.

William M. 4/14/2021
Michael H. Avatar

5 star rating Great year round outdoor dining location. Service and food were top notch and comfortable ambiance.

Michael H. 4/14/2021
Brett W. Avatar

5 star rating Phenomenal place!! Food and service is always excellent! Danny Levin is the best ! Plus the Linguine with clams! Super delicious! Highly recommended! Thank you.

Brett W. 4/14/2021
Dennis B Avatar

Amazing Food & Atmosphere!

Dennis B 4/13/2021
Gary Graeff Avatar

Excellent salads, especially the Mama's meatball salad. Good burger as well. Very big!

Gary Graeff 4/12/2021
Charles Frison Avatar

Oh my! This spot was so good. We were just looking for a place for breakfast and ended up here. Best breakfast EVER!! I felt like we didn't have one server, all made sure we were ok and checked to see if we needed anything else. Highly recommend and definitely a spot we're going to again when we're back in Chicago.

Charles Frison 4/12/2021
Charles Frison (Takhar) Avatar

Oh my! This spot was so good. We were just looking for a place for breakfast and ended up here. Best breakfast EVER!! I felt like we didn't have one server, all made sure we were ok and checked to see if we needed anything else. Highly recommend and definitely a spot we're going to again when we're back in Chicago.

Charles Frison (Takhar) 4/11/2021
Heather W. Avatar

5 star rating Food was delicious and large portions, priced well and the service was the best we've experienced while in Chicago. Highly recommended!

Heather W. 4/10/2021
Lior Keidar Avatar

3x Wow , amazing food, great dishes literally. Fun atmosphere

Lior Keidar 4/10/2021
Sofia C. Avatar

5 star rating I have wanted to go to Rosebud on Rush for years, like since I was a little girl- I'm 48 so this tells you I've been wanting to visit for a long time. I mean who can resist the cheerful bistro chairs and happy red and white checkered tablecloths that beckon you to zip in and enjoy the ambiance inside this classic Chicago restaurant? During the last weekend in March my boyfriend and I took an Uber directly there after some mid afternoon drinks at Gilt Bar. (Which is another establishment worthy of a five star review I must say.) I can tell you our visit was wonderful, sparkly and amazing, not just because the food was stellar and delicious but because the staff was incredible. My ex husband's family have owned Italian restaurants in the Indianapolis area for over 60 years so I have seen and heard firsthand what it takes to run a great restaurant, not to mention I've been fortunate to visit other fabulous restaurants all over the US and many places in Europe. I can tell you that Marco the maitre d', our server Francesco, the food delivery man Jaime and the busser and water glass filler Angel were an incredible team and made our experience so lively, fun, magical and relaxing all at the same. Sometimes you meet people in a restaurant and you just click- it was as if we all spoke the same language. People say there are 5 Love Languages...I personally have said for years there is a sixth love language and that would of course be food (pizza, in particular). Rosebud on Rush speaks the food love language fluently and effortlessly. I am not surprised they have been in business for over forty years and I cannot wait to go back!! Thank you to Marco's team for a night we will never forget!!

Sofia C. 4/09/2021
Estella Cohen Avatar

Excellent food and service!!

Estella Cohen 4/09/2021
Regina D. Avatar

5 star rating My son and decided to make an impromptu visit to Rosebud's on Rush after a day of shopping and walking Michigan Avenue. I was surprised there wasn't a wait, as it was Easter Sunday. There were plenty of seats, which made things much easier for us, especially since we're still socially distancing. Prior to placing our order the server, Salvador, served us warm, crusty Italian bread. In an effort to keep everyone safe, the restaurant serves the bread with olive oil and parmesan cheese which comes in individual portion cups, which I appreciated.I ordered the 1/2 dozen baked clams and sautéed spinach. Both were incredible? I will say, the clams were rather small, but I would have paid double if they were standard entrée-sized portions. The menu didn't offer an ingredients list, but I was tasting butter, onions, parsley, (maybe oregano), and bread crumbs. Once I finished eating my clams there was enough of the butter stuffing to use to sop the remaining bread with. The spinach was cooked with olive oil, garlic, and other ingredients I was having trouble identifying, but it was fantastic and the portion was generous. My son opted for the meatballs and French fries. He tends to keep things simple. The meatballs were gigantic and cooked in a rich, but velvety tomato gravy. I sampled a small bit from his plate and it was divine! I've always liked Rosebud's and will be returning soon!

Regina D. 4/06/2021
Joey Ortega Avatar

Great food and service. Veal parmesan,linguine and clams, and baked clams were all amazing. As was the House Cheesecake. I shall return.

Joey Ortega 4/05/2021
Susan Craigo Avatar

Food is always so good here. Also, this evening our waitress was very good.

Susan Craigo 4/04/2021
Rich Kiel Avatar

Fantastic food and even better server Joe. He is the server that ever asked for our names and spoke to us all night. Very impressive and warm

Rich Kiel 4/04/2021
Jonathan Prather Avatar

Delish as always. I am so glad to have my favorite restaurant open back up.

Jonathan Prather 4/04/2021
Geno B. Avatar

5 star rating The food and service was excellent. The Eggplant Rotolo was delicious. The food portions were large. The Chicken Vesuvio was tasty. The Tiramisu was phenomenal.

Geno B. 4/04/2021
Slavica Kutlic Avatar

Good sea food and drinks different than what was shown on the menu. Our waiter tried to make my drink 3x and it was decent but not what was advertised. I liked his effort, good job!

Slavica Kutlic 4/03/2021
Jimmy Perry Avatar

Absolutely delicious great drinks, food, service everything! Perfect!

Jimmy Perry 4/03/2021
Dan Holloway Avatar

We went on a Tuesday and had a really excellent night out. The atmosphere is charming and the service on all ends matches that in every regard. It's so refreshing to go out to eat and feel comfortable not only because of covid precautions but also because the staff is doing everything they can to make sure that comfort is attainable. Thank you! Hugo at the bar was wonderful and attentive- Adam, introduced himself to us as the manager, and made sure everything was meeting expectations- and of course it went beyond them. We had delicious cocktails in excellent tumblers- love a great manhattan- especially in a great glass 🙂 details like that are important to me as a diner. The meatball salad and eggplant salad are destination dishes and the vodka sauce is my favorite of all the places in and around town- add crumbled sausage, get the homemade square noodles- incredible. Don't forget about the skirt steak either. And also a shout out to our young bus woman- she was truly an impressive young worker! They have an awesome wine list too. (with nice glassware to match as well :D) Thanks guys, it really was a 10/10.

Dan Holloway 4/01/2021
Sharon Weiher Avatar

Great food and great staff done well with social distancing

Sharon Weiher 3/31/2021
Susan W. Avatar

5 star rating Probably the best pasta in the Naperville area! Good atmosphere and good service. Price matches the quality

Susan W. 3/31/2021
dusty gyetvan Avatar

Home made noodles. Perfect.

dusty gyetvan 3/30/2021
Lisa Maxwell Avatar

Best service and food in all of Chicago!!!

Lisa Maxwell 3/30/2021
Mauro Raddi Avatar

One of my favorite Italian restaurants in Chicago...Great foodBig portions...Good pours...Great place to meet people...VoteMayor Mar in 2023(I am of the People for the People of Chicago)...

Mauro Raddi 3/30/2021
Linda Sullivan Avatar

Great Service, nice atmosphere, and the food was delicious. It was the best filet I have ever had and the chef prepared Oscar upon special request. And the perfect ending were the huge cannoli. Thumbs up for sure.

Linda Sullivan 3/29/2021
Mauro Raddi Avatar

One of my favorite Italian restaurants in Chicago...
Great food
Big portions...
Good pours...
Great place to meet people...
Mayor Mar in 2023
(I am of the People for the People of Chicago)...

Mauro Raddi 3/29/2021
Shauna Santare Avatar

Typically, I enjoy Rosebud dinners but they need to work out some kinks with their brunch. First, the basement environment where we sat was dark and musty. The smell made me think someone cleaned it with dirty water. There seemed to be 5 servers running around but not a lot of service attention until the end of our meal when were asked 4 times if we wanted boxes (while still eating). The jumbo shrimp cocktail is tasty but not jumbo. I would not purchase again. The crab cake Benedict was very bland but the smoke salmon platter had a beautiful presentation and plentiful accoutrements. There is no kids menu but they do have kids cups. I would not consider Rosebud kid friendly, and our high chair was removed while we were still seated. (baby was temporarily removed) . Our 5 yr old enjoyed the pancakes with whipped cream and her pink lemonade.

Shauna Santare 3/28/2021
Jennifer Esch Avatar

Great as always! The heated enclosed patio was nice and had great views of the street and people passing by. Very romantic with the lights also. Food was so good with large portions.

Jennifer Esch 3/28/2021
Todji Thomas Avatar

Grapefruit excellent service if you're ever in Chicago pay it a visit

Todji Thomas 3/23/2021
Ricardo McCain Avatar

Downstairs could use a little sprucing up. Seem drabby but the food was good. Huge dessert but the whipped cream on my chocolate cake smell spoiled and the cake seems to have come out of the refrigerator, and not fresh.

Ricardo McCain 3/22/2021
Alex Two times S Avatar

I really love Italian cuisine. In this place I felt like in a small Italy, the atmosphere is very happy and energizing. insanely tasty and very beautiful. Grazie per il vostro servizio.

Alex Two times S 3/22/2021
Jiji Elanor Avatar

Nice place, kind staff and large portions

Jiji Elanor 3/22/2021
Cindy Johnson Avatar

The food was amazing! The service is the reason for 4 stars, but it could possibly be due to the fact that restaurants are starting to open back up. They were not as attentive and bringing part of the order or none of it.

Cindy Johnson 3/21/2021
Jason Schultz Avatar

Had a wonderful anniversary dinner. Our server Chris, was such an amazing guide throughout our dining experience. The food was outstanding. We felt so welcome and warm to the atmosphere (especially since it was our first time away from our children and during covid). Thank you so much for creating an evening we so truly needed.

Jason Schultz 3/21/2021
John J Jackson Avatar

I am only giving 5 stars for the quality of the food. The Alfredo and Pasta was great. The meatballs were very good. I didn't enjoy the salad and the dressing. So the negative to this visit was basically it was like a dance club/sports bar in one. The music was WAY TOO LOUD.... Therefore everyone in the restaurant was almost yelling just to communicate with whoever is at their table. My ears are hurting from the loudness overall. Unfortunately I will probably never go into eat inside again even though the pasta was one of the best I've ever had. I for sure would consider takeout though. Also one of the weird things I saw was this little old man who works there (perhaps owner or manager) take off his mask and seemingly wipe all the sweat from his face and grab the menus and place them at a different location then came to our table with a menu. Not sure why he brought the menu. But he was asking why I didn't like the salad. The wait staff was very nice and helpful.

John J Jackson 3/21/2021
Lia N. Avatar

4 star rating Entrees are sized to share! Check out the Celebrity photo wall spring check in. Clams linguine yummy. Excellent service. Made a point to stop here on our trip from Houston.

Lia N. 3/21/2021
Melissa R. Avatar

5 star rating I'd give this place 6 stars if I could. Our first experience there - the first of many. The service was incredible. Todd was great! Attentive, professional, and very knowledgeable. The manager was awesome, too. My steak came out the wrong temperature and they were so quick to resolve it. They replaced it and it was perfect. The manager checked it himself before bringing it out. Loved that personal touch. The food - AMAZING! Definitely try the Bisteca Fiorentina Porterhouse. Worth every penny of the premium price. We'll be ordering that again! The char was perfect on both of our steaks and the flavor!! I wish we'd taken pictures. The presentation of that Porterhouse was impressive! Our daughter got the humble eggplant parmesan and loved it. Delicate breading and nicely sliced eggplant and oh so flavorful! From the moment we entered until we walked out, the experience was exceptional. It was my birthday and we wanted to try a new place! Gibson's is our normal 'go to' for special occasions, but Carmine's is every bit as good. I really can't say enough about this place! Oh - and their Covid intelligence was also excellent. Outdoor dining, as well as distanced indoor. Thanks for a great birthday dinner, Carmines!

Melissa R. 3/21/2021
Janis Luckie Avatar

Nice old school Italian restaurant.. 2 can eat from the serving sizes. Wait staff was very attentive. I will come again.

Janis Luckie 3/20/2021
Jenette M. Avatar

5 star rating Such great food/atmosphere! Caitlin/Kate is an amazing server! So attentive and friendly/personable.

Jenette M. 3/20/2021
Christina H. Avatar

4 star rating Absolutely love Rosebud for amazing Italian food! I tried their margarita pizza and 3 types of pasta- my favorite pasta was the seafood one with clams and white wine sauce. It's a bit on the pricier side but you can definitely taste the quality. Can't wait to come back and try more dishes.

Christina H. 3/19/2021
Christian Ramos Avatar

Very clean and convenient place. They provide generous meals and for affordable prices. We liked the meals very much and the waiters were very attentive and informative. Will definitely recommend this restaurant.

Christian Ramos 3/17/2021
Michelle Soter Avatar

One of the best martinis I had was here, great vwine selection!

Michelle Soter 3/17/2021
Maria Giovani G629 Avatar

Great place.. I had Keats baptism supper party @ this location. Nice memories

Maria Giovani G629 3/16/2021
Kasha Hayden Avatar

The service and ambience was lovely. The food was mediocre but the Long Island Iced Tea was delightful!

Kasha Hayden 3/15/2021
Carlos Ruiz Avatar

Exelente comida

Carlos Ruiz 3/14/2021
Bing N. Avatar

4 star rating Cozy, romantic place to be if you're in a date or a good place to hangout with friends and enjoy a glass or two of wine.

Bing N. 3/11/2021
Gilberto Garcia Avatar

The food was good, the staff was very friendly. Honestly I would have given it a 5 stars but my fries arrived half cooked and the steak was a bit more well done than medium which I preferred. It was still delicious but these small details matter to me hence the 4 stars.

Gilberto Garcia 3/10/2021
Ms Kay Avatar

The experience was great and my waiter Fernando was excellent! He knew the menu very well. I invited a close friend to join me for dinner, also I picked Carmine's last minute but I also put in for up North location. If you want to try something different like iconic Italian food and classic but Fancy with a twist with a great location this is the place.

A little bit pricey but it was absolutely worth it. What I enjoyed was that in the suggestion area of reserving your table with Opentable® I was able to add that I wanted an inside scenic window view and they gave me just that. A bit fancy but casual at the same time with it being located on Rush Street very diverse loved it.

I enjoyed a Moscow mule and the chicken parmesan with a Caesar salad which I shared with my friend. He chose the linguine but substituted the clams for shrimp and salmon and added broccoli and asparagus it was really good. I know that I blew my friend's mind away with this one.😊

Also I want to add I asked if they had parking nearby and I parked at Hugo's Frog Bar for $16.99. Carmine's was just a couple feet ahead I recommend getting parking.
I'll have pictures very soon

Ms Kay 3/10/2021
Rich J. Avatar

5 star rating We ate at Carmines on Rush many years ago. I'm born and raised in Texas and this was the first really great, old-school, "maybe a wise guy has eaten dinner here before" Italian restaurant I had ever enjoyed. We had a great evening 15 years ago; I'll never forget it.Earlier this week, we were in downtown Naperville celebrating our grand-daughter's 11th b-day. We were in Barnes & Noble and I noticed "Rosebud" right across the street. She wanted pizza, and we wanted to see if the Rosebud franchise still had the magic. We were seated at our table with white tablecloth and she said, this place is really "fancy". (She is a big "Fancy Nancy" fan. Our server was an older gentleman who is of Italian heritage... perfect for a waiter at this fine restaurant!!She had a pepperoni pizza. Great sauce; perfect thin, crispy crust with lots of meat. My wife chose baked ziti. It came out in a small casserole dish - a HUGE lunch portion. She said it was excellent. I opted for the gnocchi bolognese. It was outstanding. Again, a very generous lunch portion. Their bread is also excellent - freshly made; warm; great crust!!We all had leftovers and plan to have them for dinner tonight and relive our dining experience.Now, I wasn't looking to spend $80 for a kid's b-day lunch. However, she loved everything about our lunch, so that's worth a lot to her grandparents!! Plus, we got 6 full meals out of this deal!! Thanks for doing it so "old-school" and so well. Ciao

Rich J. 3/10/2021
Nathan's M. Avatar

5 star rating Delicious food! Great outdoor area with ample space for social distance. Will definitely return! The kids menu options are a great size for little ones with plenty to take for leftovers.

Nathan's M. 3/10/2021
Paula C. Avatar

5 star rating Their chicken Parmesan was absolutely AMAZING!!! Plates are such a huge portion! Such a good vibe inside and the employees go out of their way to make it a wonderful experience.

Paula C. 3/09/2021
Sarah DeKramer Avatar

Our family dined this evening for the first time at Rosebud Steakhouse on E Walton and it met every expectation. We were treated like family from our initial encounter, atmosphere was relaxed and classic-yet upscale, food was incredible-all 3 courses, timely service, and price point was affordable. Highly recommend!

Sarah DeKramer 3/07/2021
Kate C. Avatar

5 star rating Rosebud is a tradition for my kids when we come to Chicago. They LOVE the giant, delicious desserts and who wouldn't? We recently came into town to celebrate my daughter's birthday. With Covid, I had made my reservation online months in advance to ensure we could dine in while we were in town for the weekend. Well, lo and behold, we show up and this dummy had made the reservation at Carmines down the road. Despite Covid, despite it being reservations only, despite it being a Saturday night, the lovely gentleman running the show fit us in as a party of 5. Amazing customer service, and it made my daughters night! Food was amazing as always. We will be back soon.

Kate C. 3/07/2021
Lindsey P. Avatar

5 star rating I loved the atmosphere. The service was fast and the food was was great. I was able to get a reservation the same night which I thought was great. The staff was very friendly and helpful.

Lindsey P. 3/04/2021
Dwight Polk Avatar

I go with my wife to this lovely spot many times a year! This is the best place to have a bite. I go there regularly. The meals are excellent, the crew is friendly and the cost is fair. I enjoy meeting in this place for a nice dinner.

Dwight Polk 3/03/2021
Yaroslav L. Avatar

5 star rating Had a date here. The burger was great. The chicken was good too. I like the ambiance.

Yaroslav L. 3/02/2021