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Mark Mark Avatar

The best Italian food I've had in Chicago, so far.

Mark Mark 4/16/2020
Rusty Thompson Avatar

loved it more 10 years ago, but still a good enough red sauce joint when you're downtown and craving big portions of Italian food

Rusty Thompson 4/04/2020
Uriah Ferrell Avatar

I love this spot! They have great dishes, they have a nice menu, The cook in that place is a real pro, I love very much trying all their food. The food is always fresh, the service towards the guests is very good too. I visit often this place and I was never disappointed. I recommend it to all my friends.

Uriah Ferrell 3/18/2020
Levin Latimer Avatar

Meat meat meet me in Chicago! I am an almost a vegetarian, except when I visit my Chicago. The nice atmosphere of dark and manly, male meat eating becomes serious for us ladies. Seated up front by the cool stairway, the service men floated around us like a hive swarm. Fun! Best waiter -- and service men in ties-- I love great attentive service, not always available in the Midwest. Waters filled, birthday cannoli, yes... Filet aged, moist, juicy, tender, roasted cauli , best A+ creamed spinach-- the bomb.

Levin Latimer 3/17/2020
Bernek Gabriel Avatar

We like a lot to go out. Last night we went to this excellent restaurant which friends recommended to us. We had a beautiful evening there with first-rate food and an efficient team and an impressive chef. We added this place in our list and we will certainly visit again soon. We deeply recommend.

Bernek Gabriel 3/16/2020
Debby LeRay Avatar

1st time here. The food was spectacular!

Debby LeRay 3/13/2020
Steven Allen Avatar

This spot is worth a visit. They serve large portions for affordable rates. Always clean and with fantastic ambience. Will come back again.

Steven Allen 3/12/2020
Scott Deschamps Avatar

Awesome and tasty food, I like the vibes this place has, and the employees were super friendly. I will surely come back.

Scott Deschamps 3/10/2020
David Benes Avatar

Marco and his staff we're very friendly people nice atmosphere great people great food. Can't wait to visit the outdoor patio. The piped-in music could be a little bit more pleasant for dinner music. Julie our waitress was awesome the girl at the front had the best personality great hostess

David Benes 3/08/2020
Sonata Zingaila Avatar

Food is delicious, service 5 stars,beautiful please

Sonata Zingaila 3/08/2020
Katherine K. Avatar

5 star rating Went for lunch on Sunday, mandatory valet not in effect at the time. Overall an outstanding experience at Rosebud Lemont. We had fish salad for an appetizer which was incredible. The entree, eggplant parmesan, was light, tasty, and easily the best eggplant dish in the area. Marinara sauce with the side of pasta complimented the dish perfectly. Expensive but worth it.

Katherine K. 3/08/2020
Sean Markey Avatar

Good portion, great music and a good place to go for a romantic date

Sean Markey 3/06/2020
Laura W. Avatar

5 star rating My husband and I have been there twice recently. I suggest making reservations (we did) if going on a weekend, can get crowded. Even though it was very busy, the service was quick  and the food was amazing.

Laura W. 3/04/2020
Biddy Messchaert Avatar

Best pasta in town

Biddy Messchaert 3/02/2020
That One Guy Avatar

Iconic Chicago family run restaurant of over 40 years! Authentic and delicious!!

That One Guy 2/28/2020
Hector Centeno Avatar

Delicious food, Awesome service and good wine list. Definitely a place to relax and enjoy.

Hector Centeno 2/27/2020
Raj Pillai Avatar

Went their on a double date with friends. Menu is great and has plenty of Italian and semi Italian options. Me and my wife were observing a vegetarian palate due to religious reasons that evening. So I ordered ravioli and my wife had a pasta salad. I enjoyed my dish even though my expectations were set low for vegetarian food. Ambience was also nice as we were able to grab a drink at the bar waiting for our table.

Also, worth noting is that the parking here is easy compared to other similar locations in Rosemont which tend to be inside buildings. Since this was a standalone structure, we were able to park in the parking lot and walk in, instead of parking in a big garage and navigating our way more than necessary.

Also, to Carmine's management: It's time to take down the Christmas lights outside the restaurant guys! It looks tacky and lazy to have it hanging up late February.

Raj Pillai 2/25/2020
John Liu Avatar

Love this place. Great good, good service, just like the one in the city..

John Liu 2/24/2020
Samantha Earls Avatar

We had Nicholas as our waiter and he was very nice and friendly!! We were impressed with his ability to memorize our order. He made my birthday feel special! The environment is elegant and old-timey. My party and I had a great time here.

Samantha Earls 2/23/2020
Glenn Morgan Avatar

Rosebud is my favorite steakhouse in Chicago. They have a great shrimp cocktail! You can’t stop in without getting the awesome filet! The tater tots are a childhood favorite!

Glenn Morgan 2/23/2020
Rose Avatar

Great Food, great service!

Rose 2/21/2020
Door County North Avatar

Steven our waiter was great, cozy place on rainy afternoon..Delicious homemade pasta.

Door County North 2/18/2020
Lee Townsley Avatar

This restaurant is unquestionably one of the coolest place to eat in the neighborhood. Always when I visit this place I am so happy. They maintain their very high standard service and the highest level of meals they provide. You are always happy with this restaurant. Warmly recommended.

Lee Townsley 2/17/2020
Thomas Lerner Avatar

Made a reservation and got sat in just minutes from walking in the door. Got a nice cozy table situated just as you walk down the stairs. We had a polite and knowledgeable waiter. We shared a bruschetta plate and some baked cheese ravioli, both were very good. This was the first place I'd ever encountered a staff member in the bathroom with an assortment of amenities and even turned the water on for me to wash my hands and everything. This seems like such a small detail but it made my visit here much more memorable, as you don't see restroom attendants very often.

The decor outside was great, great big sign and under the awning had nice string lights and heaters for the cold months. This is a great place to grab a bite on a snowy day and just look out the window. Had an awesome experience and would come again next time we come to the city!

Thomas Lerner 2/17/2020
Chicago Food Reviewer Avatar

I went here for Valentine’s Day and the service was amazing. Their prices are reasonable, and their portions sizes are hefty. I only ate half of it before taking it home. The Chicken Parmesan was extremely soft and juicy. They had heart balloons all around the restaurant and the vibe was homey but professional. I will definitely be visiting again!

Chicago Food Reviewer 2/17/2020
Anthony Zibrat Avatar

The ambiance was beautiful. The food and wait staff- especially our waiter Chris- were excellent. I will definitely be back and will highly recommend this spot as well. A great experience.

Anthony Zibrat 2/16/2020
Will G. Avatar

4 star rating We went here for Valentine's Day because we had a gift card and we really enjoyed it! We had a 6:30 reservation and they were running behind so we were not seated until 6:45, that was really the only negative of the night.We started with some wine, we ordered a red but the waiter gave us a recommendation that a similar bottle was a much better value, $55 at the restaurant but it's $32.99 at ninny's and $80 at his last restaurant, which means great value since they usually charge at least 2-4x store prices. We actually saw the bottle later at binnys and he was spot on! And the wine was good! Great service. We also got the spicy calamari over the regular calamari per his recommendation and really enjoyed it. Never had a fried calamari in a spicy soupy sauce with hot peppers so it was different but really good.Girlfriend got the 8 finger cavatelli which she really enjoyed and I got the Grandmas gravy dish which was very good with super tender meat. Overall a great meal with really good service.One note is the prices may seem high. But the portions are massive. We had full meal sized leftovers of all 3 dishes. So when you think of it as dinner and lunch it's a good deal.

Will G. 2/15/2020
Jon Frickensmith Avatar

Fresh crusty bread

Jon Frickensmith 2/15/2020
Chris F. Avatar

5 star rating First off service, more then amazing! I wish I can give 10 stars Manager never spoke a word to him but I am definitely going to tell him how much of an amazing job he doing running this place because let me tell you my server was just as good as wellPlease come here it is fabulous everything! Grateful to come here on my birthday

Chris F. 2/15/2020
Sue C. Avatar

All I wanted for my birthday was to be back in Chicago with my best friends, and that's what I got. After a day at Chriskindlemarket, dinner at the Rosebud made everything perfect. Dinner was perfect, service enjoyable, and my Italian heart could not have been happier. Looking forward to returning again for birthday 2020.

Sue C. 2/14/2020
James Crossland Avatar

I just enjoy their food. I always get great service there. The place is clean and the employees are always very welcoming. I highly recommend this place.

James Crossland 2/12/2020
Jorie P. Avatar

5 star rating We went to rosebud Lemont  for dinner with another couple on Saturday evening. The food was outstanding I give it a 10. The service was equal  Marco the manager was Pleasantly welcoming. I enjoyed the Seabass over spinach which was done to perfection. 2  other people at the table had the white fish over spinach which was perfectly  prepared , 4 th person had  Zuppa  Again perfect. Prior we all shared a pasta dish along with muscles for appetizers some  bottles of wine and desserts everything was a 10. I highly recommend you visit Rosebud Lemont   a fine  restaurant .

Jorie P. 2/10/2020
Michael Giovanni THE TINT GOD Avatar


Michael Giovanni THE TINT GOD 2/10/2020
Gerry Jalove Avatar

Excellent staff...delicious food!

Gerry Jalove 2/09/2020
Stephanie L Avatar

OUTSTANDING service and delicious food. Chicken parmigiana is Huge, its enough for two with an extra side of pasta! We love the Italian ricotta cheese cake with cherry compote, YUM! Cavatelli pasta is made fresh it reminds me of my Moms. The marinara sauce on their dishes is so fresh tasting. I have yet to order something I haven't liked. If I had to choose a negative it would be how loud it gets during busy times and how close the tables are to each other not much privacy. Neither of these would detour us from going back.

Stephanie L 2/08/2020
Christopher Ferguson Avatar

This place gives awesome service and yummy menu. One of my favourite places in the city. The food came out quickly and the rates were affordable. Will definitely recommend this place.

Christopher Ferguson 2/06/2020
Finnley Medina Avatar

We love eating out. Yesterday we found this fine place which friends told us about. We passed a delightful evening there with delicious food and an experienced stuff and a talented cuisine. We added this fine restaurant in our list and we will definitely visit again soon. We warmly recommend.

Finnley Medina 2/06/2020
Mikaela Colvin Avatar

Confused by some of the bad reviews. Thoroughly enjoyed our experience here. Great atmosphere, fantastic service. The food was amazing and very well priced. The servings were absolutely massive but we finished everything!!

Mikaela Colvin 2/05/2020
Matt Butler Avatar

It was good but very crowded and tightly packed. Not for the claustrophobic.

Matt Butler 2/04/2020
Keith Williams Avatar

Always good. I like to sit at the bar. Highly recommend the spaghetti with Bolognese sauce. It's a custom order and delicious.

Service is always good.

I return regularly

Keith Williams 2/01/2020
王艺诺 Avatar

Came here at lunch time and asked if they could make this from dinner menu, and they made it!!It is reeeeeeeeelly good! Have it! Very creamy and soft, yummy!Very filling though lol.

王艺诺 2/01/2020
Carlos Hernandez Avatar

Great open concept outside. I live the Milanese is so delicious.

Carlos Hernandez 1/31/2020
Vlad Romanov Avatar

Good place with a calm atmosphere. Came here with a colleague from work and ordered the shrimp and broccoli pasta. Wasn't a great combo in my opinion. My friend got a steak; I made a poor decision. Other than that, it would be great to have faster service; the resto was understaffed.

Vlad Romanov 1/28/2020
Patricia B Avatar


Patricia B 1/26/2020
Johan Rodríguez Rodriguez Avatar

My favorite restaurant italiano in Chicago good service and food

Johan Rodríguez Rodriguez 1/26/2020
Steven Smith Avatar

Always love a good rosebud branch, the regulars that come here are old stiffs in suits during lunch and can get all crabby and obnoxious, come for dinner.

Steven Smith 1/26/2020
Jason La Rue Avatar

First visit here. Tried the fried calamari and the baked ziti. One of the best meals I've ever had.

Jason La Rue 1/24/2020
Kendrick M Council Avatar

Great restaurant if you love an all encompassing dining experience, meaning service (Gerald) and staff, ambiance and decor, and of course, the course by course lovely presentation of supremely concocted delectable fare.
We arrived at the late hour of 10:30 PM just as they were about to close (our flight from LA was delayed). No problem. We were the only ones in the place and they showered us with affection and attention. Go and experience the warmth and wonderfully good cheer.

Kendrick M Council 1/22/2020
Gregg McCollister Avatar

I often take my friends to this restaurant with my warmest recommendations. I go their often. I get very good feedback from my friends. The meals are great and the team is attentive and cooperative. always when we eat in this place we have a pleasant evening. warmly recommended.

Gregg McCollister 1/21/2020
Hanna Norris Avatar

If I am asked "where do you want to go for dinner" when I am in town... Rosebud is my answer just about everytime! The food is great, the staff we have had has always been great. The beverage selection is nice. I love the atmosphere. Just an amazing place that is at the top of my life.

Hanna Norris 1/21/2020
Joseph Uhrich Avatar

You must valet Park. No choice. Food is delicious. Service was great. Could have spaced the salads and entrees more. Portion sizes huge. Share items or plan on bringing home tomorrow's lunch 😁. Was crowded for a Wednesday night. Had no room for dessert. Didn't take photos. Was with people and would have been rude. Bring your wallet.

Joseph Uhrich 1/19/2020
lu do Avatar

A must visit when in town.

lu do 1/19/2020
Jair Reina Avatar

Great place and great food. Be ready to spend money

Jair Reina 1/19/2020
Jerry Fitzgerald Avatar

I arrive at this superb place from time to time as I like the special air that is outline this place. The crew is very cordial and well trained. The service is certainly quick. Not to mention, the food they serve is first-rate. I frequent many times and I was always happy. The rate is honest. I suggest this restaurant to to all.

Jerry Fitzgerald 1/16/2020
Felicia L. Avatar

5 star rating Bolognese, chick parm and the veal mushroom dinner is all soo phenomenal! I love the dark ambiance, the music is not too loud, the waitstaff are so friendly and professional. Love this place.

Felicia L. 1/12/2020
kawika Kavika Avatar

Great place bad Valet

kawika Kavika 1/12/2020
M Phillips FNP-C Avatar

Amazing food, very authentic. With great environment!

M Phillips FNP-C 1/12/2020
Ruth Morales Avatar

Amazing place grate service delicious italian food

Ruth Morales 1/12/2020
Rhonda F. Avatar

5 star rating I have to say - I really do love Carmine's and everything about it. This neighborhood spot is big and bustling and is ran old school style.A huge street front presence, Carmine's looks fantastic as you approach and offers the best people watching in town. Rush Street is always jumping, no matter the day of the week.Service is always impeccable from the host desk to service to management. The reservation process is easy. When I arrive the hosts always greet me immediately and seat me quickly. My servers have always been on top of their game offering attentive service even during the most busy evenings. Then there is the Managers. They know how to run a big ship and still make each customer feel appreciated.The cuisine is interesting and memorable. Homemade pasta that melts in your mouth, sauces to dream about and decadent desserts that leave you with a smile. Satisfaction is always the end result.

Rhonda F. 1/12/2020
Ann Smilgys Avatar

This place is happening. Excellent service, excellent food except the baked clams. They were teeny,tiny. For 12.95 they should give you more than 6 or get bigger clams. Also, the clam chowder needed salt. I will go back, though. Love the atmosphere, huge bar, friendly bartenders. One more thing, they need purse hooks under the bar.

Ann Smilgys 1/11/2020