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Brianna L. Avatar

5 star rating Nothing bad to say about this place. Delicious and worth it. I had the fettuccine Alfredo, tried the steak, and we shared the vodka sauce pasta. Chicken Alfredo was delicious and huge!! Super creamy, BIG, but not enough salt (you could easily add that though). What I liked about this place was that the dishes were HUGE for a fair price. Very worth it, especially the leftovers. Really recommend this place for a date or gathering, dishes can be shared they're that big.

Brianna L. 8/09/2020
Maria W. Avatar

5 star rating I looked at the wrong menu, and ordered something that was not on the limited menu. When I got home I noticed I had egg plant salad instead of egg plant rotini. I called and spoke to Marco the manager, and he had the kitchen whip me up the rotini even though they were not making it at this time. I was very impressed by his commitment to customer service. Thank you, I will be back.

Maria W. 8/08/2020
A I. Avatar

5 star rating Amazing food, drinks, staff, and location. There's no doubt about this place being a 5 star. From the host to the waiters, its all a classy establishment. Its a must do for sure. Get the calamari appetizer, and carrot cake. Lawd!!!!

A I. 8/06/2020
George G. Avatar

5 star rating Great place. Love the staff and the food. They have yet to disappoint. Far more inviting than many of the other establishments at the triangle. Try the grigliata mistake and eggplant stack.

George G. 8/03/2020
Nick O. Avatar

5 star rating Went here just for the cheesecake. It was pretty good. It's like a cheesecake topped with cherries and a green brûlée crust. Yes!

Nick O. 7/26/2020
Zeynep Busbee Avatar

Great food, good location.Very clean and we love going there as a family. Owner is on hands on rvery detail. We love their steaks, Alfredo chicken fettucine, tiramisu and salads.

Zeynep Busbee 7/26/2020
Priyanka V. Avatar

4 star rating What's not to love about a perfectly prepared steak (medium) from a classic steakhouse in Chicago? The bacon wrapped scallops are a must and I'm pretty sure it's steak law to order creamy, garlicy mashed potatoes on the side :)Seating is very tight so you will intentionally or unintentionally easedrop on the conversations happening around you. Typical wait for entrees is around 40 min, which if you're with good company and order a great rest wine, time will just fly by!

Priyanka V. 7/22/2020
Helga Hamelberg Avatar

Great food and wine. Attentive, pplite and friendly staff.

Helga Hamelberg 7/20/2020
Maybe N. Avatar

4 star rating Almost doesn't feel fair reviewing Rosebud...they are always consistently good in my opinion. Matter of fact, i would pit them against Monteverde and guarantee they win on taste and value for money. Carbonara, salmon salad, sausage and peppers, caprese salad, the rigatoni, the norwegian salmon...alright alright, I'm getting hungry writing this review. If you've never been, give them a try, I've never been disappointed by a meal from there....yet

Maybe N. 7/13/2020
Eric A. Avatar

5 star rating Without a doubt one of my most favorite authentic restaurants in Chicago. This is where I usually take my family and friends when they are visiting me in Chicago. The classical Italian feel and ambience for a restaurant are perfect for a romantic date night as well. The portions are generally pretty big and you definitely get what you pay for in both amount and taste. For anyone with a gluten allergy they have an amazing gluten-free penne pasta that they can substitute in most pasta dishes. The wine selection is wonderful and they have a great tasting Chianti. I love a place with great tasting olive oil before my meal comes and there's is to die for.

Eric A. 7/11/2020
Matt O. Avatar

5 star rating Another great family meal still hot by the time it got home! Sausage, pasta, salads and of course the bread. Keep up the great service! Thank you!!

Matt O. 7/11/2020
Colleen M. Avatar

4 star rating I have recently dined here twice for lunch since they opened their patio dining. I have nothing but good things to say. The staff is very accommodating and the food was great. Both times I had the Fish salad, once as ordered and once with some added greens. I did prefer it with the greens, but the seafood was cooked perfectly. The lady I was dining with had the lunch special which she enjoyed, although she said the vegetables in the minestrone soup were a bit large. We also had the bruschetta, which was delicious. The first time we dined here my dining partner had the Tiramisu for dessert. It was a very generous portion. I used to be a pastry chef and Tiramisu was one of my specialties. This was pretty good. My best accolades have to go to the staff. The Maitre D was so accommodating, helping to move the umbrella to create more shade. But most of my kudos go to our waitress. I am embarrassed that I didn't get her name. She was handling the whole patio and there were some "challenging " ladies who were quite demanding, but she handled them with aplomb. It makes me angry that people are so inconsiderate during these times. They don't realize that the people who are serving them are putting themselves in danger by being in close contact with so many people! Anyway, our waitress was exceptional and very attentive. If I didn't think it would have caused a scene, I would have said something to that demanding lady. Thank you Rosebud for a wonderful lunch. I hope that you appreciate your employees.

Colleen M. 7/10/2020
Max Ante Avatar

Amazing service !! All workers were so friendly and so considerate.

Max Ante 7/10/2020
Joyce C. Avatar

5 star rating ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! Recommended by friends from Chicago. We were on vacation from Atlanta. We went to Rosebud on Rush BEFORE indoor seating during COVID. The host & staff were extremely friendly & gracious. But the FOOD!! OMG!! Was great to eat such fabulous authentic Italian food during a Pandemic!! Great wine list! Two days later, we ate again at a Rosbud on Taylor. First time for indoor dining. Again...very gracious & professional. Food just as fabulous as the other restaurant. I highly recommend to anyone visiting Chicago.

Joyce C. 7/04/2020
Michael J. Avatar

4 star rating I'd say this restaurant is the perfect definition of "pretty good". There's nothing really wrong with it, but nothing super great either. I'm not surprised it's so popular with tourists, as it has familiar menu items in large portions that taste just fine. The upstairs room is nice looking and at first I thought service was going to be great based on the lack of crowd and surplus of staff. Alas, our server was often absent for long periods of time. The chicken Vesuvio was oddly sweet, not something I'd order again. The baked clams were fresh but the surrounding sauce had a little too much thickener. The polenta was completely flavorless. I took it home and made it tasty by adding olive oil, pepper, salt and a dash of heat. Seems like something they could have done. The meatball and vodka sauce were the best things going. I'd go back for those two things. I did not like the tortollini. My friend got the (huge) chicken parm and enjoyed it.

Michael J. 6/30/2020
Richard Hazel Avatar

Pandemic Sanctuary!Congratulations to Rosebud, for being a veritable beacon in the midst of a pandemic! For people visiting Chicago, for a day, in late June ‘20, you guys were a shining oasis in the desert!It appears that all the 5-star hotels in the city are all closed at the moment, but you guys are still good for snipes of Moët et Chandon! We had a tasty early lunch, as an accompaniment to the Champagne. The only downside was the leathery bread for the bruschetta. Everything else was excellent. Which is why you guys still deserve 5 stars in such challenging times. Keep up the good work!

Richard Hazel 6/30/2020
Charles Green Avatar

Last week was our first time we went to this magnificent restaurant. But It is no doubt not the last. We had great time with the courteous service, with the high quality dishes and booze and with the decent charge. We will no doubt visit there soon.

Charles Green 6/29/2020
Lonni D Avatar

Best food and service ever...I will be back the next time I am in Chi-town

Lonni D 6/29/2020
Juanita Rodriguez Avatar

Service is amazing!!! We came for my birthday on a rainy Monday and seated on the patio with a last minute reservation. The food was delicious and our server Adan was so attentive and made sure we were enjoying our time I can’t wait to come back again! Thank you for the wonderful birthday 🙂

Juanita Rodriguez 6/28/2020
Stephen R. Avatar

5 star rating This is the place to go when in Chicago. The veal chop is the bomb. Come early it is always a great time. When in Chicago this is the place

Stephen R. 6/28/2020
Joey J. Avatar

4 star rating One of my favorite places to eat downtown Naperville. Fettuccine Alfredo, yum! Great service. They used to be located right on the river, was disappointed when they moved. Still amazing though. Recommend.

Joey J. 6/14/2020
Ms R. Avatar

5 star rating Knocking it out of the park. My family is loving the family feast special!!!! So much authentic Italian food for such a phenomenal price, $55. Carry out was quick and seamless. Pleasant taking the order. Overall 5 stars. I am so glad they opened up in Lemont.

Ms R. 6/11/2020
Jennifer A. Avatar

5 star rating I have been to Carmine's many times for dinner and it's always consistently excellent but I had no idea that Carmine's did brunch on Saturday- so had a reservation after Covid quarantine and it was Awesome!! Eggs Benedict, Crab Benedict, and the Rigatoni was GREAT! So happy they're open! Great food and service as usual!

Jennifer A. 6/06/2020
Tommy C. Avatar

5 star rating The food was excellent, portion sizes were huge. Servers were very attentive and witty. Overall a fun and amazing dinner.

Tommy C. 5/30/2020
Jade L. Avatar

5 star rating The best fried calamari and eggplant parm...

Jade L. 5/17/2020
Zach E. Avatar

4 star rating Very solid Italian food. They have great variety. Wonderful wine selection. The only thing preventing me from marking it 5 stars is that it is a little expensive for Italian food. Overall, very good and a great place for a date night.

Zach E. 4/23/2020
Mark Mark Avatar

The best Italian food I've had in Chicago, so far.

Mark Mark 4/16/2020
Priyanka H. Avatar

5 star rating The best chicken parm I have had! I go there at least once a week even with Covid 19. See you tomorrow Chicken parm!

Priyanka H. 4/10/2020
Rusty Thompson Avatar

loved it more 10 years ago, but still a good enough red sauce joint when you're downtown and craving big portions of Italian food

Rusty Thompson 4/04/2020
Caroline C. Avatar

5 star rating I love coming here. It is a beautiful part of the city and the building itself is great Chicago atmosphere. I recently became gluten free and was really exited about their gluten free options. However, since being gluten free I explored away from the pasta and checked out their filet. Let me say, I am a big ribeye girl and usually skip on the filet (personal opinion). However, I got it one night and it was cooked PERFECT and the sauce is incredibly. Ive came back three times now and ordered the filet and its been perfect and consistent every time. I never leave a single mushroom on my plate it's that good. Cant wait to get back here after quarantine. I might not be able to wait and will look into delivery options.

Caroline C. 4/04/2020
James P. Avatar

5 star rating Ordered thru Grub Hub tonight. Arrived on time, hot and carefully packed. Just as good as eating in the restaurant

James P. 4/03/2020
beth h. Avatar

5 star rating Rosebud is one of my favorite spots in Naperville! My husband and I prefer to belly up to the bar and share a few plates. We usually split The Eggplant Stack Salad ( best I have ever had), Baked Clams, and a White Fish. The wine list is great and since I only drink white I cannot comment in the red. However, if u like white do urself a favor and order the Benvolio Pinot Grigio. I Love it so much I might name my next dog Benny. Rosebud does have a lot of turn over with bartenders but for the most part they are usually good and attentive. Atmosphere is swanky and always has a great energy.

beth h. 3/19/2020
Uriah Ferrell Avatar

I love this spot! They have great dishes, they have a nice menu, The cook in that place is a real pro, I love very much trying all their food. The food is always fresh, the service towards the guests is very good too. I visit often this place and I was never disappointed. I recommend it to all my friends.

Uriah Ferrell 3/18/2020
Levin Latimer Avatar

Meat meat meet me in Chicago! I am an almost a vegetarian, except when I visit my Chicago. The nice atmosphere of dark and manly, male meat eating becomes serious for us ladies. Seated up front by the cool stairway, the service men floated around us like a hive swarm. Fun! Best waiter -- and service men in ties-- I love great attentive service, not always available in the Midwest. Waters filled, birthday cannoli, yes... Filet aged, moist, juicy, tender, roasted cauli , best A+ creamed spinach-- the bomb.

Levin Latimer 3/17/2020
Bernek Gabriel Avatar

We like a lot to go out. Last night we went to this excellent restaurant which friends recommended to us. We had a beautiful evening there with first-rate food and an efficient team and an impressive chef. We added this place in our list and we will certainly visit again soon. We deeply recommend.

Bernek Gabriel 3/16/2020
Dani H. Avatar

5 star rating Talk about a great meal in the city! Rosebud Steakhouse had some of the best service, dinner, and dessert in the city! For starters, we had the Alaskan king crab legs which were fantastic, served with warm butter. We also had the wedge salad, not featured here, but absolutely delicious. For the main course, I had the lobster tail (larger size of course) with mashed potatoes and baked mac and cheese as sides... absolutely perfect! The lobster was juicy, sweet, and served again with warm butter. Finally for dessert... the tiramisu was delightful! Not a lot of restaurants can truly perfect the tiramisu, but Rosebud's was great!Overall, Rosebud's is the perfect place to have a quality meal and great experience with your family and friends. Next time I visit Chicago, I will be sure to stop by Rosebud Steakhouse again!

Dani H. 3/15/2020
Debby LeRay Avatar

1st time here. The food was spectacular!

Debby LeRay 3/13/2020
Steven Allen Avatar

This spot is worth a visit. They serve large portions for affordable rates. Always clean and with fantastic ambience. Will come back again.

Steven Allen 3/12/2020
Scott Deschamps Avatar

Awesome and tasty food, I like the vibes this place has, and the employees were super friendly. I will surely come back.

Scott Deschamps 3/10/2020
David Benes Avatar

Marco and his staff we're very friendly people nice atmosphere great people great food. Can't wait to visit the outdoor patio. The piped-in music could be a little bit more pleasant for dinner music. Julie our waitress was awesome the girl at the front had the best personality great hostess

David Benes 3/08/2020
Sonata Zingaila Avatar

Food is delicious, service 5 stars,beautiful please

Sonata Zingaila 3/08/2020
Collen F. Avatar

5 star rating This was a great experience.The atmosphere is cozy and great.Staff is very friendly and service was perfect.The Chef went by everybody's table and greeted them which makes the experience even better.The food was AMAZING and I mean everything we had was good,tasty,and very nicely presented.I will definitely be going back here,nothing else like it in the city.

Collen F. 3/08/2020
Katherine K. Avatar

5 star rating Went for lunch on Sunday, mandatory valet not in effect at the time. Overall an outstanding experience at Rosebud Lemont. We had fish salad for an appetizer which was incredible. The entree, eggplant parmesan, was light, tasty, and easily the best eggplant dish in the area. Marinara sauce with the side of pasta complimented the dish perfectly. Expensive but worth it.

Katherine K. 3/08/2020
Donna S. Avatar

5 star rating The service here was fantastic. Our waiter, Fernando, was very accommodating and sweet. Each dish we ordered was fantastic. Highly recommend the rigatoni alla vodka!

Donna S. 3/07/2020
Sean Markey Avatar

Good portion, great music and a good place to go for a romantic date

Sean Markey 3/06/2020
Laura W. Avatar

5 star rating My husband and I have been there twice recently. I suggest making reservations (we did) if going on a weekend, can get crowded. Even though it was very busy, the service was quick and the food was amazing.

Laura W. 3/04/2020
Biddy Messchaert Avatar

Best pasta in town

Biddy Messchaert 3/02/2020
That One Guy Avatar

Iconic Chicago family run restaurant of over 40 years! Authentic and delicious!!

That One Guy 2/28/2020
Michael B. Avatar

5 star rating We love Carmine's. There are many Italian places in Chicago. If we're staying around north Michigan Avenue, this is always a great choice. Tonight, it was a Friday in lent. Our waiter Jay was very helpful and attentive-the whole staff was-no empty water glasses. They have a pretty good wine selection. Tonight, Jay recommended the sea bass Oscar. It didn't disappoint-absolutely delicious.

Michael B. 2/28/2020
Hector Centeno Avatar

Delicious food, Awesome service and good wine list. Definitely a place to relax and enjoy.

Hector Centeno 2/27/2020
Raj Pillai Avatar

Went their on a double date with friends. Menu is great and has plenty of Italian and semi Italian options. Me and my wife were observing a vegetarian palate due to religious reasons that evening. So I ordered ravioli and my wife had a pasta salad. I enjoyed my dish even though my expectations were set low for vegetarian food. Ambience was also nice as we were able to grab a drink at the bar waiting for our table.

Also, worth noting is that the parking here is easy compared to other similar locations in Rosemont which tend to be inside buildings. Since this was a standalone structure, we were able to park in the parking lot and walk in, instead of parking in a big garage and navigating our way more than necessary.

Also, to Carmine's management: It's time to take down the Christmas lights outside the restaurant guys! It looks tacky and lazy to have it hanging up late February.

Raj Pillai 2/25/2020
John Liu Avatar

Love this place. Great good, good service, just like the one in the city..

John Liu 2/24/2020
Samantha Earls Avatar

We had Nicholas as our waiter and he was very nice and friendly!! We were impressed with his ability to memorize our order. He made my birthday feel special! The environment is elegant and old-timey. My party and I had a great time here.

Samantha Earls 2/23/2020
Glenn Morgan Avatar

Rosebud is my favorite steakhouse in Chicago. They have a great shrimp cocktail! You can’t stop in without getting the awesome filet! The tater tots are a childhood favorite!

Glenn Morgan 2/23/2020
Michael J. Avatar

4 star rating I'd say this restaurant is the perfect definition of "right there at the average". There's nothing particularly wrong with it, but nothing particularly right either. I'm not surprised it's so popular with tourists, as it has familiar menu items in large portions that taste ok. The upstairs room is nice looking and at first I thought service was going to be great based on the lack of crowd and surplus of staff. Alas, our server was often absent for long periods of time. The chicken Vesuvio was oddly sweet, not something I'd order again. The baked clams were fresh but the surrounding sauce had too much thickener. The polenta was completely flavorless. I took it home and made it tasty by adding olive oil, pepper, salt and a dash of heat. Seems like something they could have done. The meatball and vodka sauce were the best things going. I'll give it another go sometime if it's too cold out to walk any further.

Michael J. 2/21/2020
Rose Avatar

Great Food, great service!

Rose 2/21/2020
Anthony V. Avatar

5 star rating Great Italian food and dessert!!! Excellent service and good ambiance. I recommend- especially for anyone staying off Michigan Avenue!!

Anthony V. 2/19/2020
Door County North Avatar

Steven our waiter was great, cozy place on rainy afternoon..Delicious homemade pasta.

Door County North 2/18/2020
Lee Townsley Avatar

This restaurant is unquestionably one of the coolest place to eat in the neighborhood. Always when I visit this place I am so happy. They maintain their very high standard service and the highest level of meals they provide. You are always happy with this restaurant. Warmly recommended.

Lee Townsley 2/17/2020
Thomas Lerner Avatar

Made a reservation and got sat in just minutes from walking in the door. Got a nice cozy table situated just as you walk down the stairs. We had a polite and knowledgeable waiter. We shared a bruschetta plate and some baked cheese ravioli, both were very good. This was the first place I'd ever encountered a staff member in the bathroom with an assortment of amenities and even turned the water on for me to wash my hands and everything. This seems like such a small detail but it made my visit here much more memorable, as you don't see restroom attendants very often.

The decor outside was great, great big sign and under the awning had nice string lights and heaters for the cold months. This is a great place to grab a bite on a snowy day and just look out the window. Had an awesome experience and would come again next time we come to the city!

Thomas Lerner 2/17/2020