Corporate Chef, Mauricio Gomez Celebrates 32 Years with Rosebud

This February 19, we celebrated Chef Mauricio Gomez and his 32 years of culinary excellence at Rosebud. Throughout his career, which began when he was just 17, Chef Gomez has become a well-respected figure in the culinary world, known for his passion for creating delicious, authentic dishes and dedication to Rosebud.

Chef Gomez works alongside Rosebud’s Founder, Alex Dana, and has been instrumental in growing the company’s culinary vision. Their commitment to quality, and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the kitchen, is a driving force behind Rosebud Restaurants’ success.

As Chef Gomez celebrates this career milestone, we want to take a moment to acknowledge his contributions to Rosebud and the culinary world. His success and determination is an inspiration to many, and we are proud to have him on our team.

Cheers to Chef Mauricio Gomez and his 32 years of culinary excellence. Here’s to many more years of creating unforgettable dining experiences!

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Meet the Chef Q&A
How did you get started at Rosebud?

I joined Rosebud in 1991 as a dishwasher, and have since worked my way up through various kitchen positions including prep cook, line cook, kitchen manager, sous chef, and now Corporate Chef.

With years of experience at all nine Rosebud locations, my understanding of every role and location has allowed me to effectively lead the culinary team. The recipe to success comes down to organization, consistency and a love for what I do. I consider Rosebud my second home, where I have grown both personally and professionally.

What does the Rosebud experience mean to you?

To me, Rosebud represents a celebration of family, tradition, and the love of good food. Our entire team has a passion for creating authentic, Italian dishes for our customers. Every day, I strive to uphold the high standards of our restaurant and bring joy to our diners through the meals we prepare.

What’s your favorite thing about your role as Rosebud’s Corporate Chef?

The people. The opportunity to serve our amazing customers, and work alongside a group of people with a shared passion for creating delicious recipes, is something I’m extremely grateful for. Being a part of the Rosebud family brings a sense of pride and fulfillment. Together, we are able to create a warm and inviting dining experience for our guests, which is truly what it’s all about.